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Free William Sweet Project

This project aims to raise awareness about the case of William Sweet, who has been unjustly sitting on Florida's death row for over 30 years. His conviction was purely circumstantial and based on fabricated lies by the prosecution. We firmly believe that if people take the time to learn about his case, they will undoubtedly be convinced of his innocence.

It's truly heartbreaking that an innocent man is suffering due to a wrongful conviction. We must come together and fight for justice and freedom for William. Join us in the Free William Sweet project and help us spread the word about his unjust imprisonment.


Hand FreeWilliamSweet Campaign

We need resources to help the Free William Sweet project bring attention to his case and fight for his freedom. This includes legal fees, publicity, and other expenses related to advocating for his cause. With your support, we can continue to work towards justice and freedom for William.

#FreeWilliamSweet campaing

Getting involved in the Free William Sweet project is easy and anyone can make a difference. You can start by sharing information about his case on social media, contacting your local representatives, and spreading the word to friends and family. Every small action can make a big impact in the fight for justice and freedom for William.

2 hands FreeWilliamSweet campaing

 We aim to rally support for William Sweet cause, advocate for his freedom, and fight for justice in his case.

Our goal is to create a movement of compassion and solidarity that will bring an end to his decades-long incarceration and prevent his execution. Join us in our mission and help make a difference in his life.

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